2016 Mid-Year Student (Re) Enrolments

2016 July 16 Hopeworks (Re) enrollments for the new RTO

Good news Hopeworks students, we finally have a new RTO !!

Enrollments will be THIS COMING WEEK (from Monday 18th July 2016) at Hopeworks on your your normal attendance day. (EG: If your normal attendance day is Monday then come on Monday, if Wednesday then come on Wednesday, if Friday then come on Friday).

You MUST BRING the following ID with you:
1. Your Green Medicare Card
2. Your Birth Certificate
3. Your CURRENT Passport (If you have one)
4. Healthcare Card (If you have one you MUST bring this please)
5. Photo ID (School Photo ID is acceptable)
6. Signed Variation Form (if not already returned)
7. Relevant Foreign Resident Visa, travel documents or Australian residency documentation (if applicable)

Any VARIATION FORMS that have not already been handed in, must be signed by your guardian if under 18, and also bring this with you.

Thank you so much for your patience during this difficult time and we look forward to completing the year as originally planned.

Any questions please contact your school counsellor, or email/call us.

Thank you.

Student and Parents/Guardians:  please note we have already emailed and SMS’d you, and will endeavour to remind students to bring the requisite paperwork as described above to ensure a smooth transition into the final half of the year. Thanks for your patience as we transition to the new RTO.