Men’s Wellbeing Network 2019

In 2019, Hopeworks is proud to partner with community organisations and support groups to support local Men’s Health & Wellbeing initiatives in Melbourne’s South East.

Why are we doing this ?

We see a trend where men are disengaging from society, and often lack skills to help them navigate complex transitions in modern life. Sadly, this often leads to further stress, anger, substance abuse, depression, violence, family breakdown and suicide. Age, wealth and social status are no barrier to life’s challenges for men. We encounter men is crisis in all walks of life. We want to restore dignity and hope to men, offer encouragement and practical support, so they in turn, can help other men survive and thrive in our communities.
Men need hope too.

How can we encourage men ?

We aim to encourage men and provide them with an opportunity to network with other like-minded men, which we believe will inspire them towards a more satisfying and meaningful life in positive areas such as, but not limited to:
  • Hobbies, Sports, Craftsmanship & Skills
  • General Fitness, Lifestyle Awareness, Diet, Men’s Health & Wellbeing
  • Literacy, Leadership & Conversation
  • Relationships (Family, Community, Workplace)
  • Personal Growth & Emotional Transformation
  • Workplace & Career Transition

What resources can we offer men ?

Our resources are practical in nature. By partnering with you as a group or as an individual, we can inspire men in our community with:
  • Free Barista Coffee
  • Relaxed Meeting Spaces
  • Books from our amazing collection (20,000+ books)
  • Speaking Resources from Health, Sports and Industry Experts
  • Food & Clothing
  • Agency/Professional Referrals
  • Local social events
  • Digital communication & Training Platforms

What change do we hope for ?

Through a process of relaxed, non-judgmental, non-threatening dialogue, self-discovery, confidentiality and support, we believe that we can help men optimise their physical and mental wellbeing, and get inspired to enjoy life more, and be a force for good in their relationships, workplace and community. 

What help do we need  right now ?

  1. If you operate a mens group in your area, we want to know how we can help you in any way. Can you help us build a federated support network to reach men in need ?
  2. If you are a credentialed or recognised professional in your field of interest (sport, hobby, industry, lifestyle, health, etc), and you would be willing to speak/share your journey with a group of men, we would like you to consider volunteering on our coaching roster from time to time. Would you like to volunteer ?
  3. Hopeworks has no additional 2019 funding to support this initiative, therefore any corporate, agency or charitable funding (for specific allocated purposes) would be appreciated any funding, corporate sponsorship or donation of practical assets (such as books, food, clothing, furniture, laptop computers, mobile phones, etc) to assist with the launching and incubation of this initiative. Would you like to donate items or help us access funding ?

How will this be funded and governed ?

Initially the staff and board of Hopeworks Community Services has agreed to pioneer, incubate and fund this vision with community partners, businesses and agencies. During 2019 we intend establish a Board to administrate the strategy, funding model and execution of this vision as its own autonomous entity to deliver relevant and excellent Health and Wellbeing services to men in need.

Connect with us ?

If we can partner with you (?) or provide resources (?) let us know how we can help you or your men’s organisation. If you simply want someone to talk to, access a local group or expert or need help you can call us. 

Want more Information ?

  • Please contact us on