Eat Up Program – Moe & Pakenham

In Australia, 1 in every 8 children are regularly going to school hungry, without food from home to fuel their growing bodies and brains. Missing meals has a big impact on education, with hunger leading to learning and behavioural difficulties in school, and higher rates of school absences. These issues cause disadvantaged children to fall further behind their peers in school, contributing to the pervasive cycle of disadvantage.

Eat Up is a not for profit organisation that provides school lunches to students who would otherwise go without. These include welfare dependent children, children affected by drug and alcohol abuse and newly arrived refugees.

Sandwiches (both cheese and Vegemite) are made by groups of volunteers and are then delivered by Eat Up to over 500 schools around Vic, NSW and Qld.

By providing a school lunch to some of the most vulnerable children in our community, Eat Up hopes to help children take advantage of learning opportunities, succeed in education and hopefully break the cycle of poverty.

Hopeworks has been integral in enabling Eat Up to provide lunch to kids in need in Pakenham and Moe. Participants of the Hopeworks program regularly give of their time to make, wrap and distribute sandwiches (along with healthy snacks) directly to 13 local schools in need. These sandwiches are then frozen on site, at the schools, where they are then toasted or defrosted when there is a student in need of lunch. Without volunteer support from organisations such as Hopeworks, we would not be able to provide lunches to the 500+ schools we currently support. Kind regards, Elise Cook COO Eat Up Australia.