Students (above) are trained to document activity logs for safety, equipment usage and hygiene. These steps are typical learning points to several industry recognised certifications that students gain whilst at Hopeworks.


Students (above) prepare food, donated from local charities, in preparation for cooking, sorting or repackaging, or other training processes. At Hopeworks all training certifications are complimented with real-life activity elements (practical examples) to help make our graduates “job ready” with tangible industrial experience to support their learning.


Students (above) receive and sort a fresh warehouse delivery of bulk ingredients and packaged food. Most food and goods at Hopeworks arrive from (are donated by) local charities. At  Hopeworks our students value-add (as formal training activities) to support their certification.


Students (above) follow warehouse procedures, like labelling and packaging soap, ready for dispatch to local charities. Value-added foods and goods processed by Hopeworks students are then donated to other local organisations in need, creating a value chain of genuine community benefit. Our innovative training/learning process benefits our students, while delivering meaningful help back into our local community.


Students (above) follow warehouse and logistics procedures, like removing soap moulds from the drying process, ready for packaging and delivery to local charities. These procedures mirror real-life industrial processes and allow the student to learn in a safe, engaging and supervised training environment.


Students (above) are trained to managing warehouse resources before and after use, like stocktake, inventory and stock movement disciplines. Work is paced to allow all students to participate, learn and achieve, while thoughtfully engaging students with a broad range of physical and intellectual abilities throughout the training process.


A thoughtful note from a happy student to staff saying “Hopeworks the Best”


This note is our team’s heartfelt treasure. It says it all, and confirms our mission. Thanks so much Hannah. It now hangs in pride of place, in the office.